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07 February 2018Villas and Gardens of Lake Como
07 March 2018Hinterland
04 April 2018Good Night Mister Tom – Which version?
02 May 2018The Mistresses of King Charles II
30 May 2018AGM and Social evening at a venue to be arranged

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Villas and Gardens of Lake Como Keith Holmes Wednesday 07 February 2018

In his talks, photographer and speaker Keith Holmes shows superb photographs of city, coast and countryside and examines the landscapes, buildings and stories that lie within.

Keith is a natural enthusiast. His attention to detail, in-depth investigations and breathtaking photographs lead the viewer through some of the most exquisite landscapes in England and beyond.  When characters are encountered along the way, he ensures that their anecdote or history is sewn into the fabric of the tale to give his talks a blend of scenery and personality. Keith carefully selects themes from a myriad of inspirations: desirable residences, the Cotswolds and Rome to name but a few.